This is the documentation/ record of a journey that was undertaken on Tuesday 10th February 2010 (as Hans Krankl*) from the Gerhard Hanappi Stadium (Rapid Vienna’s ground) in the 14th district of Vienna to the Hohe Warte Stadium (First Vienna FC’s ground) in the 19th district of Vienna. *  Hans Krankl is one of Austria’s most famous footballers and played for Rapid Vienna from 1971 – 1977 and again from 1981- 1986. In 1979 – 1980 he played for First Vienna FC – a small club on the outskirts of Vienna and one of the first football clubs established in Austria. I walked from the Gerhard Hanappi Stadium to Hüttledorf U-bahn station and took the U4 green line to the end stop at Heiligenstadt. I then walked to the Hohe Warte stadium. The journey was recorded and documented in a variety of ways. Journey time on the U Bahn 31:14Total journey time (approximately 54mins)
Sound Proof is collaboration between Rob Flint and Christine Sullivan. Sound Proof explores the limit of description as a medium of transcription. Rob sits at the back of a darkened space, viewing a monitor, whose screen is not visible to the rest of the room. He wears headphones and speaks into a microphone. His speech is audible in the room, slightly amplified. Chris documents his actions with a video camera. Rob is watching the film “Proof” (dir. Jocelyn Moorhouse, 1991) a film he has never seen. The plot of the film concerns a blind photographer who uses other peoples descriptions of his photographs as a means of verifying his world. Chris has not seen “Proof” since it was released, so Rob is describing it to her through the microphone while viewing it for the first time.
Our proposed piece would take the form of a conversation between two artists about the importance of conversation in our individual and collaborative practices, and how having these vital conversations recorded affects the process. This piece is not scripted, nor is there any pre-determined conclusion. Our experience of having our conversation recorded in the given setting cannot be rehearsed, making this a unique, unrepeatable event. We intend this as a continuation of the Symposium piece which was performed at the last Five Years event (Interrupted Correspondence), and the conversation will again be fuelled by red wine, as a reference to Plato’s original text. With the theme of this event in mind, we have been discussing our understanding of the term ‘bioacoustics’, in particular the idea that birdsong may differ depending on whether or not the bird is caged. This concept will be the starting point for our conversation, with us considering the parallels between caged birds and self-conscious performers.
Will include recordings of chants sung at demonstrations - repeated phrases, call and response, simplified rhetorical messages and words adapted to new situations
May include recording chants from the audience, writing our own chants, spontaneous outbursts of chanting, a song book of demon chants.

Instructions: To start the performance: at the same time: 1. Play the audio soundtrack (the sound from the journey; duration: 39:14) 2. Read the script – everything in quotation marks: instructions; timings; numbers, durations etc using the times on the left to synchronize the soundtrack and the script. 3. Play the slide show (146 photos; 7 seconds for each slide) – as discussed the slide show will not synchronize with the soundtrack or the reading of the script (please loop if possible – should play approximately twice during the duration of the soundtrack 39:14).Props needed: 4 chairs, Stopwatch Narrator (Edward Dorrian) to read everything in quotation marks written below (all directions, timings, numbers etc):
Chairs to be put into position at 4:47 – 6:05 and removed at 36.51
“Timings/ running order and directions: 0:00 – 4:20 ambient street sounds Outside the Gerhard Hanappi Stadium in the 14th district of Vienna Hans Krankl stands on a patch of snow. Behind him, in the background there are tree covered hills, a ski jump slope and a football pitch covered in snow. Slides 000 – 047 (forward slides every few seconds) Café Corner is situated on the corner of Deutschordenstrasse and Keisslergasse. An old lady emerges from the café and walks across the road. A middle aged man comes to the café door and peers outside. A green and white sign with information about Hans Krankl’s career at Rapid Vienna is mounted on the wall. Number 9: Hans Krankl ‘Rapidler des Jahrhunderts’ – ‘The Rapider of the Century’ 4:20 – 4:46 outside Hütteldorf U Bahn station (a bus engine can be heard in the background) Slides 048, 048a, 049, 050 4:47 – 6:05 interior of station (people are walking along the passageway); sitting on the platform; the next U Bahn to Heiligenstadt pulls up. Slides 051 – 057 Instruction: space in a room to be used to put 2 chairs next to each other and two opposite, as in a train carriage. (Make sure the set-up is visible to get a good angle when videoed) 6:06 – getting on the U Bahn at Hütteldorf U Bahn Station Slides 058 – 111 8:21 – Ober St. Veit U Bahn Station 9:48 – Unter St. Veit U Bahn Station 11:12 – Braunschweigg U Bahn Station Instruction: a middle aged man sits in the seat to the right. 12:36 – Hietzing (Tiergarten) U Bahn Station 14:19 – Schönbrunn U Bahn Station 15:39 – Meidling Hauptstrasse U Bahn Station 16:56 – Längenfeldgasse U Bahn Station Instruction: the middle aged man gets up and exits the carriage; a nine year old (approximately) girl sits in the seat to the right. 18:30 – Margaretengürtel U Bahn Station 19:56 – Pilgramgasse U Bahn Station 21:25 – Kettenbrückengasse U Bahn Station Instruction: the girl gets up and exits carriage. 23:01 – Karlsplatz U Bahn Station Instruction: woman sits in the seat to the right 24:59 – Stadtpark U Bahn Station 26:21 – Landstrasse U Bahn Station 28:11 – Schwedenplatz U Bahn Station 29.49 – Schottenring U Bahn Station Instruction: the woman gets up and exits the carriage. A man sits down in the same seat. 31:18 – Rossauer Lände U Bahn Station 32:47 – Friedensbrücke U Bahn Station 34:24 – Spittelau U Bahn Station Instruction: Man exits the carriage. 36:51 – Heiligenstadt U Bahn Station (end stop) Instruction: Remove the four chairs from the space. 36:51 – 36:58 walking along the platform at Heiligenstadt station to the exit Slides 109, 110, 111 37:20 – 37:40 sound from another train – it pulls into the station Slides 112, 113, 114 37:40 – 38:01 going through the barriers and down the escalator Slides 118 -123 38:02 – 38:16 a station announcement can be heard as the commuters walk through the station; walk past a newspaper vendor. Slides 124, 125 38:17 – 38:25 walking through Heiligenstadt station and exiting at the front entrance. Slides 125 – 128 38:26 – 39:14 walking through the Karl Marx Hof (a large social housing complex built in the 1930s in the 19th district of Vienna). Climb the steps to get to the Hohe Warte stadium (the home of First Vienna FC) which is built into the side of a hill. Slides 129 – 146 Journey time on the U Bahn (recorded in real time) 31:14 Audio duration 39:14minutes ”