Fragments is a trans-disciplinary project focussing on the dynamics of one-to-one dialogue as a stimulus to creative risk and experimentation. It encompasses five collaborative, artist-initiated sub-projects which are currently in the process of development, each pairing contemporary visual artists with practitioners in other fields including theatre, music, literature, history and dance. Presented beyond Five Years’ gallery walls, these collaborations will enable each participant to test their practice in unknown territories and in relation to new audiences.


Fragments (2013-14)
Programme of talks and performances (2013-14)

Five Years: Fragments publication
Showroom Launch


Utilising a model which is integral to Five Years’ ethos, the participants are working with creative autonomy in relation to a common shared structure, with each sub-project devised through individual members of Five Years freely interpreting a basic initial brief. The brief invited each participant to choose a collaborative partner working in a field of the arts outside the broad parameters of contemporary fine art practice, and to work through a process of dialogue toward a project outside Five Years’ gallery space.

The outcomes of the projects range from events and performances to installed exhibitions, and in accordance their sites will vary. At the core of the project however is a collective publication, which will formally draw together Fragments’ disparate, wandering dialogues and encounters.

From 4th – 26th May Five Years’ gallery will host an exploratory, editorial presentation of the project as a whole, within the context of a group exhibition juxtaposing work by all 10 participants. A series of public discussions, presentations and performances will be programmed throughout the show. Information about the satellite projects will also be available at the gallery.