Arkham Asylum

Through film and video my work proposes relations between fragments of information, exclusion discourses and storytelling strategies, locating an individual voice in these relations. I work with amateur culture, its mistakes and its possibilities, violence, black holes in history, dysfunctional structures, and the contradictions between the official and the marginal, the collective and the individual, the feminine and the masculine. My projects start with documentary research and generally end with the construction of narrative situations in which the collaboration with people is visible.


Ana María Millán, Cali, Colombia
lives and works between Cali and Berlin


MA Fine Arts. Chelsea College of Art and Design. London. 2012
Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes. Cali. 1999
Universidad del Valle. Communication. Cali. 1995-1997
Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Fine Arts .Bogotá. 1993-1995