Modern Interiors: Jaspar Joseph-Lester and Sharon Kivland

Private view: Friday 20.09.13, 6-9PM
Tea and chat: Sunday 29.09.13 4-6PM
Gallery Open: 21, 22, 28, 29.09.13
Saturday-Sunday 1-6PM

The promise of an interior,
as dwelling
as a place of display, as site of private pleasure
and coded public communication.

Our locations.
Our privations.

Salons and excesses.
A factory of expectations.
Whispers and rumours.
Hot breath.
A telling.
Some telling.
A translation.
A tittle-tattle transformation.

The promise of an interior as a feature of exterior distinction.
To move from inside to outside.
A moebius strip.
No open seasame.
Only a surface across which we travel.

Else-wise, a cut,
a fold
Working with proverbial kitchen knife, or a baker's dough.
A cut, an assemblage, a putting together.
A folding over and about.
Interruption and care, discontinuity of a material and conceptual substrate.
The sensory folds of the common given over to a different arrangement.
The existent.
put into another relation to itself.
Bombastic display as bad infinity,
taste as an epic proportion.
Hot tongues, hot seats,
prisms prisons.
Meeting, individuations, the comfort of enclosures.
A sensorial distribution.

A question of propriety, of the proper place of an our.

The exhibition will include new work by Jaspar Joseph-Lester and Sharon Kivland. Each of the works draw from found images of modern interiors to explore theforceful, seductive and alienating ideologies that are embedded in representations of space. A painting of an early modern interior is combined with a written description of a 'refined salon' and magazine images of sofas are cut together to produce an excessive spectacle of contemporary furniture design, comfort and luxury. The works in 'Modern Interiors' are concerned with the fantasies, politics and alienating affects produced by representations of interior design.


Jaspar Joseph-Lester is an artist based in London whose work explores the role images play in urbanplanning, social space, and everyday praxis, latterly focusing on conflicting ideological frameworks embodied in urban regeneration projects. In 2010 he was invited to curate the Dallas Pavilion, launched at the 2013 Venice Biennale. Recent photo-essays include ‘A Guide to the Casino Architecture of Wedding’ for COLLAPSE: Philosophical Research and Development (2013) and ‘Spirit’ published in Vicissitudes Histories & Destinies of Psychoanalysis (2013). He has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad with exhibitions at Asprey Jacques Gallery and The British School at Rome. He is currently collaborating with Susanne Prinz and Julie Westerman onTEGEL: Speculations and Propositions, an international video project that explores the architecture of Tegel Airport through a series of cinematic narratives (Greenbox, Berlin, 2013) and developing a guide to Coventry commissioned by Lanchester Gallery Projects.

Sharon Kivland has dreamt of Rome, been melancholy in Trieste, and had a disturbance of memory in Athens, which can be traced in the book series Freud on Holiday. She forgot her shoes on the steps of the Freud Museum, London, and thought of witty remarks too late on the stairs of the Freud Museum, Vienna, events that are recounted in L'esprit d'escalier and An Agent of the Estate. She has described her practice as one of stupid refinement, trapped in archives, libraries, the arcades, and the intersection of public political action and private subjectivity. Recent works include amateur watercolours, copied from memory from postcards; ink drawings on blotting paper, unsuccessfully copying buvards; photographs of the smoke of steam trains, the limpid waters of mountain lakes, and the snow on Alpine peaks; and painstaking sketches of women modelling lingerie. She paid her son an enormous amount of money to fill old school exercises books with the indexical references to mother/son relations in Freud's works, a work first exhibited at the Freud Museum, London. Recently she has published a set of appendices to Freud’s holidays, on his weather, dining, hotels, and shopping, and her fourth book on his holidays will be published in November.

Five Years
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