17th May Sunday 4-6pm

Clover Peake, Giovanna Coppola, Fabian Peake, Adriana Diaz-Enciso,
Steven J. Fowler, Maria Zahle
Parole Parole, a ritualistic and sensual poetry event
Between the mundane and the mythic

Duration: 1.5 hours

We want to stage a ritualistic poetry event. Avoiding the dry, academic recital, the event has links with poetry’s ancient purpose where poetry was part of entertainment and ritual for a bigger occasion. With this event, we hope to bring people into the experience, whether they’re writers or not.

The event opens the minds to the possibility of reading and writing being a creative and experimental process, rather than a sit-down taught lesson. Writing and reading, generally known as a solitary process, can be thought of as a collaborative experience within this context. The event invites a reciprocal experience between reader and listener and poets may ask listeners to read their poems.

All preparations for the event are geared towards engaging all of the senses, so it’s not just a party, but also a planned experience. All the senses are engaged

Organisers: Clover Peake and Giovanna Coppola
Poets: To perform during certain intervals. Giovanna Coppola, Clover Peake, Fabian Peake, Adriana Diaz-Enciso, Stephen J. Fowler and Maria Zahle
Atmosphere: Candle light (health and safety permitting) and low lighting
Seating: Blankets and pillows
Scent: Incense
Food and drink: Finger foods to be passed around
Music: Live performance and DJ
Other: Head and hand massage available
Discussion: Poets asking others to read their poems, 10 minute question and answer, a survey after the event

In order to generate further discussion after the event and generate a piece of writing or Part B, a survey will be sent out to guests in which they will be asked to answer a few interpretative, creative questions loosely about the experience.

Example questions:

  • How was your day leading up to the event? Were you pleased, bored, stressed, angry, sad, excited, horny or something else?

  • Did you want to kiss anyone tonight?

  • If the evening were to encourage you to write a poem, what would it be about?

  • Are you an early riser? What do you do first thing in the morning?

  • Was there anything in any of the poetry or in the evening that stayed with you?

  • What language do you dream in? -Do you miss your childhood home?

The gallery setting could attract people who aren’t necessarily drawn to poetry. Writers, artists and other curious people. The purpose of the event is to convey that there is no academic message that only the educated and elite can understand. Poetry is there to wash over people, as part of a larger experience that won’t inspire anxiety or alienation about whether one “gets it” or not.

Contact: Clover Peake, poet and artist, clovepeake@gmail.com
Giovanna Coppola, poet and writer, coppolagc@gmail.com

Organisers of Parole Parole, a monthly poetry reading in North London. Both and are published have taken part in many poetry readings in the UK and US.



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