The floor is portable
The path is mutable
My trousers are extendable
The bed is bendable
A hallway is durable
But the ceiling is permeable
A corner is viable
The balcony, pliable
This area is erasable
The hill, replicable
The window is negotiable
A carpet is zippable
The page is traversable
My hair is unattributable
Feet, manoeuvrable
The desk is luminous
My gloves are voluminous
The wall, magnanimous
The door folds, light holds.

Bernice Donszelmann is an artist and writer based in London.  Recent exhibitions include One and one and one, CGP, London and K3 Projects, Zurich (2012), Interior Life, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury (2010), Outside Architecture, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London (2009), Transfer, Keith Talent Gallery, London (2006); and Plurale I, British School at Rome (2004).  Recent writings include: ‘Touch Screen’ in Journal of Contemporary Painting, (2014); ‘Semper’s Wall: Figuring Ground’ in Painting with Architecture in Mind (2012) and ‘Facing Cinecitta’ in Block (2011). 
She is a member of the collaborative curatorial group ‘Outside Architecture’.

Five Years, 66 Regents Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN |