A theatrical workshop performance
How to get a 6-Pack with this simple device? How to save my relationship? All you need is a cellophane paper and a pair of scissors. How to become rich using a revolver and morphine?
It’s time to confront your Hubris, make peace with your Achilles or to be accurate: To embrace your sin!

We invite you to a psycho-spiritual confessional session where the audience gets to reveal his most prominent deadly sin (one of the 7 found in the New Testament) and go through a ritual where one faces his evil-self. Thus, one becomes friends with the sinister and at the end of it the individual is cleansed and de-possessed.
This event is designed for those who wish to delve deeper in the realms of modern occultism and enter through the gates of hell, discovering and experimenting with an original recipe based upon the foundation of paganism and modern psycho-dramatic therapy.

Sounds like fun? But practically what does it mean?
As the audience enters they will be asked to answer this quiz which reveals which deadly sin is taking control over themselves.

The quiz: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/seven_deadly_sins2.html

This piece explores the coerced division between good and evil, and theatre and performance accordingly. Those who are in, are invited to participate in a demonic workshop conducted by Jew-Venile and Vita- Dolorosa (Gur & Lara) who will be oscillating abruptly between clinical and ironic manner, improvisation and written text. 
The audience members are divided to groups by their sins and go through a series of different rituals and tasks to tackle their inner-demon and give it a welcoming hug. Those quasi-rituals are based on the theory of Peter Binsfeld (1540-1598) that associated each sin to a different demon:

Pride- Lucifer/ Envy- Beelzebub/ Wrath- Satan/ Sloth- Abaddon/ Greed- Mammon/ Gluttony- Belphegor/ Lust- Ashmodeus

We have read and researched the texts of the most influential occultists and Satanists, made our own creative decisions and fused them in to one diabolic roller-coaster. Why the HELL do you want to do that?
The individual believes he deserves his own personal “crucifixion”. Being punished to achieve redemption. 
It is an era that takes pride in liberating the individual from any higher order, however this creates a gap in which the goal of becoming The Best had become our new religion. We want to invite your guests to suffer no more, and to not succumb to the oppressive standards of diviny.

Let the ceremony begin
We welcome between 15 to 30 people.
We envisage your unique kingdom as the most adequate, outstanding and mysterious nest for sharing the secrets of the underworld.
Performance are restricted for viewers under 18 years old.
We ask the audience to use their mobile phones to answer the quiz mentioned above. (with that being said, we do look into alternative options including the quiz) We believe that this will be beneficial for you, since occultism is “the new black” and we do provide an exclusive look into this exhilarating relevant topic. “How to redeem yourself with only 7 deadly sins” was premiered at The Ilka Theurich Studio Germany. https://youtu.be/FfC77_sSMG8

Gur Arie Piepskovitz (1986)
is a performer and Theatre-Performance maker originally from Tel-Aviv. He graduated from The Theatre Arts Studio of Yoram Lowenstein (IL) & completed his MA in Performances making at Goldsmiths University (UK).
Lara Buffard (1973)
is a baroque creature/performer/producer originally from Paris. She graduated from Museology in Paris then from CAS/Theatre Performance and Contemporary Live Arts (CH). www.larabuffard.com
Both are living & working in London They bumped into each other in 2015 when they performed for The TATE MODERN in Boris Charmatz’s piece – Roman Photo. Everything was done to bring them together. A young Jewish gay narcissistic actor, and a raging voluptuous French mother of 3 children…. All Hell broke loose! Since their encounter they have worked together regularly in “The Passion for the Passion”-a talent show in which every night three different volunteers compete for becoming the next Jesus Christ. Performed in Coventry at Belgrade Theatre, London Goldsmiths University, and for the 2016 Edinburgh FRINGE Festival Edinburgh. They performed together in an immersive & interactive performance as part of the 2016 Umbrella Label, London, and they recently had an artistic residency in France in Chateau de Monthelon in January 2017. They devised a Cabaret Piece for Deep Royal Trash 2017 in London (Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club & Tender Loin#10 Artsadmin) in “Trans-Forming Pipi”. “How to redeem yourself with only 7 deadly sins” was premiered at The Ilka Theurich Studio Germany. https://youtu.be/FfC77_sSMG8 Trailer “A Passion for the Passion” 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival https://youtu.be/63RqTa2Z0EU

Friday 11 May 2018
How To Redeem Yourself With Only 7 Deadly Sins?
Lara Buffard & Gur Arie Piepskovitz