How can we bring back recognition of organic, authentic, real, physical embodied feelings of ourselves and our relational affective feelings to other people back to the body?
I’m interested in the idealised, imaginative, desired projections and representations of the subjective body.
Virtual and physical
Ideal and realistic
Imaginations and reality
Absent (body) and present (body)

I’m curious about the intimacies within relationships in the structures of society and how it affects our own relationship to the self/selves created by the realms of virtual space. Virtual reality adverts itself to offering an endless possible in ways to represent the self and create a multitude versions of the self, projecting into infinite selves. Although there is a freedom of morphing and adjustment to the relationship one has to the self, it affects the way we now define intimacies, private space and how we understand ourselves.
I want to organise an open workshop where people are invited to do simple tasks of physical intimacies and put the subjective bodies into motion. The activities that I’ve been thinking about are

- people get into pairs and blind draw each other without looking at the piece of paper.
- pair or group activity of mirroring the other people’s movements, to attempt a unison of movements among bodies. Practice of analysing, representing and relaying information
Acts of the everyday taken into a different context, a space where it’s completely appreciated These tasks are all quite simple in hopes to be able to leave an openness of what the body may be able to feel and allow for a space of generosity in honest gestures.

Materials and equipment: paper and drawing materials like pen and markers
I’m including a little bio of a collaborative group that I’m in, because the communal aspect of the group has introduced me to an interest in communal and collaborative making and participation.
The group is called Messy Bodies. We’ve been exploring working collaboratively / creating community in various shows, experimentation days and workshops. We’ve named ourselves ‘Messy Bodies’ because of our wish to flow over our bodily boundaries into each other and become a shared lucid entity.

This our working bio, a sort of manifesto coming together and constantly being reformulated: Emerging from a forgotten history, a forgotten knowledge. A beginning that has already begun and will begin again. Our messy bodies, our messy body – A ceaseless accumulation and embedding of information, experience, emotion, memory – We weave and sew a shared and open consciousness, bringing virtual ideals into a physical reality. This is a celebration of amateurism and community, a move away from the notion of the isolated artist by creating together in an unfenced maximalist space. A continuous flow of energy, making meaning that is subject to transformation informed by a boundless collective of human stories. This is an open dialogue for spontaneous and uninhibited creation.

Sunday 13 May 2018
Projections And Representations Of The Body:
Kylie Chung