Project Proposal
Retroscope2000® is an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up! Artist Morgan Hamilton has been awarded the Flagship Grant by Republitex™ Corp in order to create and maintain an American identity in contemporary art. He has partnered with Republitex™ Labs to create a one-of-a-kind product that will allow users across the globe to look back at the Good Old Days, when white picket fences and summer cocktail parties were the American dream. Not American? No problem! With Retroscope2000®, you can peer into the past and conjure a nostalgia for a time gone by, when problems were miles away.

Morgan Hamilton is an international artist who has been awarded the Flagship Grant by Republitex™ Corp and represents the very best of Artwork Americana. He works closely with scientists, designers, marketers, and PR representatives at Rrepublitex™ in order to reflect the quality and standard of American craftsmanship and ideology. The Retroscope2000® line is in its prototype phase and can be understood best while looking at the user manual attached to this application.

We hope to use Five Years’ space as a showroom to display our latest models and innovation. Alongside the actual prototypes of Retroscope2000®, Republitex™ Corp will produce and provide promotional video material in order to inform the public on its scientific breakthrough as well as its cultural virtue. Artist Morgan Hamilton has agreed to contract an instructional “tutorial” on the Retroscope2000® creation, maintainence, and use. All of these will be available as video files and links for ease of access within your institution as well as at home or on one’s mobile device.

As part of Republitex™ Corp’s Flagship Grant, Artist Morgan Hamilton is expected to engage with the public and discuss our values and products, this can be expressed in any way you choose, however a live video interview has been the most successful platform. He has a wide range of skills including writing for and designing minor publications, this falls in line with your company’s mission to produce an “art book” based on the performative project. Morgan Hamilton would be happy to create a catalog that investigates the relationship between user and product, past and present, fake and real. Our artist is at your disposal.

Please consider displaying the latest Retroscope2000® product line in your space. The partnership with art galleries and spaces across the globe is integral to Republitex™ Corp’s cultural mission. On behalf of thank you very much, and we look forward to discussing the endless possibilities for collaboration.

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Friday 18 May 2018
Morgan Joseph Hamilton