Nela Milic:
Proposal - I am thinking of a joined reading group session between us – you can allocate the reading this time – design collectives like Assemble are an interesting case – Turner prize for quality or self-promotion of Turner prize as a do-good bunch? Sincerely, Nela Milic.

Edward Dorrian:
Thanks Nela. Not sure how/if this’ll work out. A drawing group:

[Camera held in assembly. Capturing image and sound. Both in and beyond frame. Drawing begins when the camera/apparatus is switched on? Performing in and with. In front of and behind. The drawing is a continuous movement. Time. In recording. However imperfect. Or incomplete. An artificial thing that exists. Contrived between. A (drawing) practice as the relationship/connection between… making, performing and participating.] Sit for one hour as a group. We record ourselves in turn. For an amount of time (perhaps 5 mins). We each use the camera. (Framing, close up, panning, zoom in and out, etc). Passing the video camera amongst us… Discussion is not lead. There is no declared starting point. No proposition. Each participant operates before and behind the camera. There is no compulsion to speak, act, etc. A transcription of any discussion will be attempted. A draft of the transcription is offered to any participant to edit (their own contribution only). A text comprising of the first draft and a second combined edit will be proposed for publication. The text remains copyrighted to the participants. The recording will not played back at the event. The recording is the copyright of those participating. Consent must be given for its future presentation or subsequent editing.

Reading material:



Charlotte Higgins, Turner prize winners Assemble: ‘Art? We’re more interested in plumbing _ The Guardian, Tue 8 Dec 2015 18.28 GMT, Last modified on Thu 22 Feb 2018 17.20 GMT

Gerald Raunig, Instituent Practices: Fleeing, Instituting, Transforming, 2006, Translated by Aileen Derieg

Gerald Raunig, Dividuum and Condividuality, Dilemmas of the community (Politics of the One) 2013

Dean Kenning, Art Relations and the Presence of Absence, Third Text, Vol.23 Issue 4, July 2009

Nela Milic: Boothique 2017
Somewhere in Between: LCC Space and Place Research Hub Residency at Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre
Boothique: The threshold of public and private space over the course of Nela’s artists’ residency in the ground floor studio off Walworth Road in 2012 became a world opener to both sides – her at home and people on the street. Nela won Southwark Community Art Award in 2015 for this project. Nela aims to use the same method by interacting with the local residents for a public reading of her book chapter about the project at the LCC studio, offering passers-by the opportunity to engage with our hub activities and our own artistic work. Nela would record, exhibit and talk about this experience and research into the locality at the Q&A the hub would have at the end of our event activities.
Dr Nela Milic is an artist and senior lecturer in the Design School at London College of Communication.

Being Together is not Enough. Five Years Call for proposals 2018
Proposals are particularly welcome that attempt to radically interpret participatory activities and question organisational models of public events (including workshops, talks, lectures, discussion, reading groups, religious and political groups, performances, walks, exhibits, lessons, conferences, groups for and by: local residents, workers, artists, school children, activists, academics, researchers, designers, etc. ie anyone). Proposals that attempt to operate outside formal institutions, that build on other self-organised events and actions are of course welcome too. As are previously independently published materials that can be presented here for further discussion.

Edward Dorrian is an artist and member of Five Years (organising Being Together is not Enough.) He is currently a candidate PhD student at Kingston School of Art - Working out of a contested common ground: A politics of drawing as collectivity and organisation.

Saturday 19 May 2018
Nela Milic & Edward Dorrian