that's a good start the woman sitting with big shoulderpads oh yeah she was the one that made me cry almost the one with the glasses fukkin bitch and then as it went on you just drop all you really i didn't know this thing about sucking the period - yeah a canula - so Coming Together? Come Together! that is related actually they were talking about how difficult is was to come together yeah coming together RIGHT NOW that would be -what if we had that on loop YEAH play between Collective Gathering and the Manipulations of Charlatans. We Must Sell T-Shirts. Like people sell snake oil. The Street Hawker - this is FREE FREE FREE give succour - a place to zone in and connect and we make money ..i don't know we can work something into that - but now ... TELL ME ABOUT COMING TOGETHER ... coming together ..coming together ..well it is about being present ..present in the moment - coming together and also you know right now where everyone is mainly is sort of like - focused on their selves themselves really this individualistic click way of living as specially as you see here so click it is about breaking barriers you know breaking walls like you know even BREXIT exactly we are not coming together we are LEAVING we were together now we are not anymore - in general i think it reflects HOW glitch there is no will to think COLLECTIVELY sssss it is all about um click ch ch ch it's a sort of way YOU KNOW if i am okay then EVERYONE ELSE is OK (not always the case) if you are okay it may mean that someone else is not good So it is also about being aware of OTHERS very aware of others and the surroundings TUNING IN to that especially in a TIME OF CRISIS keep going just to say i believe there is the possibility to HAVE up to 2 hours perhaps the 1st hour there can just be such a TUNING IN and after everyone has done that - we can have a DISCUSSION as in talk together because fff- FUCK THE CLOCK in the sense how many times ? you know - you meet someone - they hae to GO they have to BE SOMEWHERE they have to LEAVE yes they have to go WHEREVER how many times / HOW MANY TIMES? RIGHT! we become SICK OF IT and "I" have been SICK OF IT for a LONG TIME - click and i think who knows HERE you ALWAYS SEE £ TIME is MONEY fuck that yeah FUCK THE CLOCK FUCK THE MONEY CLOCK FUCK THE BODY CLOCK chronological TIME - GO ON in terms of uh people working uh and uh OBEYING this rigidity of like you know know uh to have a GENERAL STRIKE to REVOLT to say we are not - there is a STRIKE coming up and i am not even i mean uh i need to WE NEED TO - I mean THE BODY CLOCK you say you are saying it all i am just listening HEARTBEAT no fuck it but i think i dunno COMING TOGETHER is POWERFUL but at the MOMENT it is not easy NO/YES i duno not EASY because people will not UNMAKE THE TIME - not the TIME - the NON - SPACE the YIELDING - FUCK THE CLOCK people always think they have more to do too busy to self preoccupied too DISTRACTED by TECHNOLOGY busy busy busy FUCK THE CLOCK and erm and and um and eh and i mean of COURSE you know people have to MAKE MONEY they have to LIVE erm um uh but its so BANG there are BANG BANG actually WAYS to .....or TIMES where you can not think about the time and not make YOURSELF 100% AVAILABLE for WORK <   > PEOPLE ...RING then there is the PHONE. It is a MASSIVE PROBLEM --- Yeah and it will get worse n worse  YEAH  um     so          no    no       yes      no   NO it's sort of like NO it's like sort of         FUCK THE CLOCK      you haven't experiences it unless you have taken a selfie of yourself      YOU DOING SOMETHING        so   so     so It Is The Complete NOW     it     is  also   TWEET     uh      eh mmm    hah    DIRECT  EXPERIENCE     r a t h e r     than  this this constantley M-E-D-I-A-T-E-D      self        REFLEXIVE             non       engaged     clack click       um    uh     BANG
tap tap tap      it is also tuning into the poss ..    WHAT THEY FUTURE MIGHT BE ..what the PRESENT is     What the Past       is  a kind a kind of   INTERTWINING
well this thing of like you know CLICK  eeeeeeeh   s   p    c   SPACES    then COUNTRIES    and      THEN            WALLS                 and   B O  R  D  E  R  S
where they we us     it is always      a   DIVISION  rather than   a   a COME TOGETHER   on    many    levels    i   MEAN         people are so inured to being DISTRACTED we are so WE  We don't even KNOW HOW TOO i don't know how to    i don't know how to  EvERYONE JUST LOOKS AFTER THEIR OWN SPACE     ..the COMMON SPACES are the messiest ones  SHOULD IT NOT BE THE OPPOSITE 
COMMON SPACE   YEAH    YEAH    YEAH   how we    COME TOGETHER    how to share how do we how can we come together RIGHT NOW yes we share lots of STUFF    on THE SOCIAL MEDIA        but yo know you know how much do YOU SHARE   ?       HOW MUCH ARE YOU WILLING TO SHARE    ?   SPACE  ?   MONEY?       TIME?      it's not much   .it is not much   you have to      I THINK YOU SAID MORE THAN ENUFF ....for NOW   no y'know itsa  itsa   it's   it's kinda like UM  i    don't know   if it is possible        IT IS POSSIBLE         in the RESPECT   of uh eh   i  MEAN  certain RITUALS    &     CEREMONIES    which actualize another ..allow us to enter to COME INTO another ANOTHER ZONE      .... COLLECTIVELY

which is not happening RIGHT NOW     we are secured within the TRAP   of   TECHNOLOGY     no    longer      BEING    LIBERATING        the  WHOLE IDEA   of that  ..the World  Wide Web ...The NET  Work ...it sounds such old   EXPRESSION fashioned  EXPRESSION      FUCK        THE          CLOCK        TIC    TOCK      FUCK THE CLOCK       shall we  START    ?   START NOW          HERE    and   NOW





Friday 25 May 2018
Fuck the Clock:
Michael Curran
in collaboration with AD Crawforth, Egle Moonboot Trezzi
Joseph Walsh and Marc Hulson ............................................................................................................................