This Is Not Public /Part 1 / Part 2
Proposals 28-30 June 2013
This Is Not Public/Parts 1-2.
What do we mean by public engagement?
Five Years: Call for Proposals.

What The Arts Council of England means by public engagement.

  1. What do we mean by public engagement?
    Arts Council England’s mission is to enable everyone to experience arts that enrich their lives. We believe that great art inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves, and the world around us. In short, it makes life better. We want as many people as possible to engage with the arts.
    Engaging with the arts covers a wide spectrum of activity. It could incorporate all or any of the following:

    Attending an arts event
    Taking part in an arts activity
    Volunteering to work at or with an arts organisation
    Working with an artist or group of artists to design or create an artwork
    Helping to make decisions about arts activity in a local community or Helping an arts organisation to make decisions about its work

  2. Public engagement in the arts
    We estimate that around two-thirds of people in England currently attend or participate in the arts (You can read more about levels of arts attendance and participation on our website:

    However, most people do so infrequently, and for a variety of reasons such as lack of time, poor health, cost, or lack of interest, some groups are less likely to engage than others, particularly:

    People with little or no formal education
    People in a lower socio-economic position (for example people in routine or manual occupations)
    People from Black and minority ethnic groups
    People in poor health and/or with a limiting long term illness or disability
    People on low incomes
    People who live in social housing

  3. What do we look for in an application?
    How a project will engage people will vary enormously depending on the nature of the work, and we don’t expect every application to meet all of these points. We want applicants to tell us how their project will enable people to have a great experience of the arts, in ways that are relevant and appropriate to their work.
    When identifying proposals that will enable more people to engage with the arts we look for applications that:

    Understand who the audience for the work is likely to be
    Explain why the work will be interesting, challenging or inspiring for that audience
    Offer something new for audiences that are likely to have some experience of the arts already