art licks weekend
This Is Not Public

What do we mean by public engagement?
This Is Not Public Part 1.
was an open call made by Five Years inviting anyone to make a proposal that would initiate a preliminary ‘public’ discussion in the gallery critically addressing the Arts Council of England’s funding question: ‘What do we mean by public engagement?’
All proposals were accepted.

Each participant is now free to develop their proposal for presentation as part of a programme of work which will be hosted by Five Years as
This Is Not Public Part 2 (4-6 October 2013)

Whether we choose to examine the Arts Council’s own funding guidelines, question the idea of a so-called ‘not-for-profit project’/ ‘artist-run space’/ ‘independent curatorial project’ such as Five Years itself or reflect on the Art Licks Weekend’s own special case for ‘opening’ such projects and spaces ‘to the public’ is of course up to us.

There is no funding for this project. It has been decided however, that an application for project funding could be made to the Arts Council where documentation of the application process will form part of the project.




shortlisted for The Workweek Prize