This Is Not Public/Parts 1-2.
What do we mean by public engagement?
Five Years: Call for Proposals.

The project (This Is Not Public/Part 2) will take at least two forms.

  1. A presentation (4-6th October 2013) of the ideas developed through the preliminary discussions (Part 1 in June) in the gallery

  2. A printed publication outlining the development of work proposed. The publication will be drafted and also presented for further discussion in October.

    There is no funding for this project. A funding application (£10,000 Project funding) may be made to the Arts Council after the initial discussions in June and before the October presentations. There is of course no guarantee of a successful application being made or indeed an agreement that such an application should be made. Part of the discussions in June will address this point in particular.
    All discussion will determine the future project.
    The project may not be limited to activities/ events in the gallery.

    Both parts in June and October will be recorded.
    As will email exchanges. All rights reserved.
This Is Not Public /Part 1 / Part 2
Proposals 28-30 June 2013