1. Bill Leslie, Jo Addison, Anna Lucas: What Happens Between Us?
2. Anna Chiandet, Tom Nicholson, Jane Englefield and Katy Bienart: Being Together Is Not Enough
3. Lara Buffard & Gur Arie Piepskovitz: How to Redeem Yourself with 7 Deadly Sins?
4. Latinos Creative Society: Manifesto Declaration
5. DROSS: Strategies For Facilitating Artwork During Wagework #1 Remote Relay [Walkie-Talkie]
6. Christian Newby: Textiles of Categorical Will
7. Ladies of the Press* CULTURAL CAPITAL SCAM. is not enough.
8. LJA Brown & Tom Loffill: The Gloomy Day
9. Eduard M-Balash: Anybody’s Community
10. Steve and Samantha:
11. Kylie Chung and Jodie Granger: Projections and Representations Of The Body
12. Kim Wan and Annie Morris: Games and Learning
13. Ram Samocha: Act & Talk - A Drawing Performance Conversation with Ram Samocha
14. Morgan Joseph Hamilton: Retroscope2000®
15. Esi Eshun: Bad Poets
16. Aimee Hornby: Collective Clay
17. Lucia Farinati: From transcription to transduction: The voice of Joseph Beuys in Audio Arts (revisited)
18. Edward Dorrian & Nela Milic: Drawing Models
19. Graduate Monthly: Rehearsal for a Conversation
20. Lily Morgan: From You to Me to Line to Form
21. Juan Crespo: E 51°33’57.8”N 0°07’57.5”W Minorities Time Capsule
22. Phil Dobson & Ducan McAfee: What is Done Cannot be Undone
23. YVP Collective: YVP Happening #3
24. James Hutchinson, Tamara Shaw, Areti Chatzipavlou and H&M: All Plastic Bags Are Art
25. Emily Scarrott: Bag for Life
26. Emma Clayton & Andrew Mallinson: Conversation (In Progress)
27. Flavia Tritto: Nice to meet you. I am_____
28. Rosie Woodhouse & Andrew Wyatt: Niteflights
29. Ceyda Oskay: Ink, Inc: Pasajist/ Ways of Seeing: The African and Caribbean Society For The Blind
30. Joe Walsh: When Queen says funky she says it as fungi
31. Michael Curran: Fuck the Clock
32. Erika Hodges: A New Insurgent Writing
33. Kit Powell & Lorna Ough: Help. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing.
34. Tail Bend Travel (Sophie Mak-Schram & Ruben Green): European We
35. Minchae Kim, Mijung Park & Lara Mi: Meanwhile
36. Patrick Loan: ‘Bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle...’
37. Andrew Cooper & Eric Ogbogbo: LINE IN THE SAND.
38. Protest Press: Aoife O’Doherty, Grace Lister, Sarah Houghton, Millie Tyler, Scarlett Chetwin
39. Emma Balkind & Edward Dorrian: Nothing in Common?
40. Timber & Battery (Rohanne Udall and Paul Hughes): No Matter
41. David Goldenberg: New moment in History
42. Lena Heubusch: None of the Above
43. We Are...? Glap Collective: John Hughes, Liz Murray, Simon Rattigan and Mia Taylor


Five Years draws to a close the call-for-proposals project:
Being Together is not Enough.

As outlined… this is an open project that aimed to support and examine the ideas of anyone interested in setting up groups. Anyone who already organised together and who wanted to share work practices and experience. Or simply. Anyone who wanted to declare and engage on issues.

It’s a sprawling thing that now finds those who participated last year contributing further to a printed publication. As agreed. All editorial responsibility, control and copyright are entirely the authors.

The publication will be presented at Five Years (5-13 October 2019) in draft format to go through the process of proofing for final publication (TBC).

We therefore, invite everyone who contributed to formally [1] or informally [2] talk about their contributions in the space at Five Years: To read, discuss, contest, edit.
Together with a public.

All welcome.

Edward Dorrian (Five Years)



  1. A series of timetabled Reading/discussion events to coincide with the draft publication at Five Years (5-13 October 2019) Please see the timetable of events, performances and discussions.
  2. Anyone who wants to just turn up at Five Years (5-13 October Sat-Sun 12-6 pm)
    and go through the pages... Please do.

Five Years is open 5 - 13 October 2019
Saturday - Sunday 12-6pm
Events listed below are also free and open to all. More to follow.

Saturday 12 October 2019

Gallery open for general discussion of participating contributors to the project and publication.
This offers opportunity for participants to proof the draft publication. A performative exercise.


Sunday 13 October 2019

3-4 pm
Esi Eshun: Bad Poets. A performance lecture.

4-6 pm
How and why do groups organise themselves? Must we? Or rather. How and why must we organise ourselves?
Roundtable Discussion: Edward Dorrian introduces
with Esi Eshun, Anna Chiandet, and Jane Engelfield

How and why do groups organise themselves? Must we? Or rather. How and why must we organise ourselves? What we? The we that has no part. In participation. What does this mean? To ‘deal in the promise of groups and togetherness’. Not the we’re-all-in-this-together. But the contention that this wrong exactly marks our disagreement. ‘How to live together’? Here’s an idea. Don’t. Call the police. At stake. A subtraction. Both potential and problematics. A radical democracy. Being placed together and in-common. A nothing in common. The we without. Speech. Voice. Forming a declaration of wants, desires, intended acts, political claims. Etc. Attempting. A community of equals. A do-good bunch. Our naïveté. Calling. By any means necessary. A possible and fragmentary plurality. A potentially egalitarian collectivity. Working and unworking a contested common ground. Calling for what. What’s ‘our research’? A freedom of assembly. Free association as the precondition of politics itself. A performative exercise. In actu. Call the police! A joint enterprise at play. In struggle. Enough. Who we? We Them. We popular politics risking ever-denounced so-called populism. Not to be found. A fragile collectivity. What post-utopia happiness. Our militancy. Our insurgency-at-work. Drawing out. Precariously demonstrating. Other ways of speaking. Fearlessly. Enacting in horizontal-connection. The articulations of self-designation. Self-constitution. In resistance. Solidarity. Our so-called critical models. Or perhaps simply. Just what is it to participate and to have a common interaction with others? Please. We call on you.